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Case Study: Analyzing Celebrity Faces

What makes the perfect face for the big screen? Here we break down the features that casting directors look for, top down, to better understand what makes an attractive face and how features harmonize together.

Learn more about yourself

Whether you’re seriously considering surgery or just curious about learning more about yourself, the Aesthetics report is the perfect collection of scientific sources to become better educated on facial harmony beforehand.

  • Cephalometric Averageness
    • How your features compare to research averages
  • Facial Proportions
    • Establishing the harmony between features
  • Dentofacial Assessment
    • Lip, mouth, teeth and smile aesthetic
  • Frontal Profile Assessment
    • Eye, midface and jaw proportion
  • Side Profile Assessment
    • Lower, underjaw, eye and ear proportion

Take Facial Anatomy 101

Do you know what the nasolabial line says about your nose? Learn the terms used to describe different aspects of the face from the fields of plastic surgery, anthropology, forensic anatomy and art

Under Construction


Jaw and chin anatomy and its role in influencing forward cranio facial development.


The eye and its surrounding anatomy explored through orbital bone development


Nose anatomy and its influence in shaping the face explored through maxillary bone development


Regions not covered by the other three categories such as cheekbone, forehead and skull shape