Comprehensive Aesthetics Report


Our most in-depth report with 38 cephalometric measurements and detailed analysis behind the scientific literature. This report is intended for those who are genuinely interested in facial aesthetics and contains much more technical physiology not covered in the other reports. It considers every facial feature from the top down with both a piece by piece and overall interpretation of how it affects facial harmony and proportion.

The final 24 page report includes:

Cephalometric Variability

This considers how your measured cephalometric values (facial measurements) compare to people of your race or ethnicity to find large deviances. This report tier takes a total of 38 measurements of the front and sides of the face.

Side Profile Morph

Using the measured cephalometric values, a morph is produced in Adobe Photoshop to illustrate what a ‘corrected’ version of your face could look like following the established scientific averages. The most deviant values and their significance are explained with in detail.

Periocular Assessment

This concerns the eyes and its surrounding region. As the eyes are one of the first things people look at, it deserves an in-depth analysis, combining many research guidelines on the ideal canthal tilt, eyelid exposure and shape, while also evaluating any potential cosmetic or dentofacial flaws.

Facial Symmetry

Facial symmetry is one of the four main tenants of an attractive face. This section uses a midline flip morph to produce two halves of the face and compares them against each other to better evaluate flaws.

Jaw Profile

The front and side aspects of the jaw are considered in great detail, using a combination of research guidelines, modern beauty trends and experience in the field to recommend changes to the jaw if needed. Our in-house orthodontics team also evaluates surface level dentofacial malocclusions and can point the client towards further X-rays and dental consultation if needed.

Malar Assessment

The cheekbones are a crucial part of the ‘model’ look and so by popular demand, this facial feature deserves its own in-depth section using research guidelines and modern beauty trends to evaluate how the cheekbones disrupt the facial contour and if surgical intervention is needed to improve their appeal.

Lip Assessment

Lip aesthetics are crucial to both men and women and are emphasised here as they are the gateway to uncovering underlying dentofacial flaws. Oftentimes, an issue with the lip shape or protrusion is a very significant indicator of misalignment or dental malocclusion.

Dentofacial Aesthetics

The comprehensive report differentiates itself with a greater focus on dentofacial features. This section looks at the smile aesthetic and is a key component of linking other underlying flaws, such as facial asymmetry or disproportion to a cause such as dental malocclusion. Our in-house orthodontics team can help identify potential dental issues that may be worth getting a second opinion on and surgically correcting.

Eyebrow Aesthetics

The eyebrows are a crucial component of facial attractiveness, remove them and see what happens! This section assesses eyebrow proportion using research guidelines and provides advice on improving their appeal to achieve a more masculine or feminine look, dependant on what is appropriate.

Midface Anteroposterior

Another component of the dentofacial focus of this report, the forward growth of the midface and lower third are assessed in detail using research guidelines and orthodontic evaluation to identify potential underlying flaws that may be the cause of other cosmetic issues.

Final Recommendations

The most important part of the report, this section includes detailed advice on how you can achieve your aesthetic goals with experienced evaluations on the cost-benefit of potential surgical and non-surgical solutions.

* Report size and content may vary but the general scope will remain the same.
* Be advised you must be 18 or over to commission a report
* Turn around times may take up to 14 business days depending on demand

Notice: Due to the current COVID 19 situation and increased demand, turn around times are being pushed back by up to 3 weeks. We will always keep you in the loop, however, please keep this in mind before ordering.

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