Standard Facial Morph


A standardized facial morph using the Marquardt beauty mask with skin retouching included.

If you’re interested in getting plastic surgery this service is perfect as a pre-consultation into what your face could potentially look like. This is a ‘standardized’ morph meaning that it uses a range of set masks determined by your gender and racial background to sculpt your face into ideal proportions. Note that these masks have a bias for making men and women’s faces overly masculine or feminine respectively, so if you’re after a more androgynous look, a non-standard, custom morph by one of our Photoshop editors is a better option.

As an added extra, the morph includes base-level skin retouching with blemish reduction and skin tone correction. More detailed skin retouching or commercial modelling jobs should refer to our dedicated skin retouching service.

The final morph includes:
  • Canthal Tilt Adjustment
  • Facial Shape Adjustment
  • Hairline Correction
  • Eyebrow Correction
  • Nasal Base Adjustment
  • Lip Vermillion Retouching
  • Undereye Smoothening
  • Proportion Matching
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Blemish Retouching
  • Complexion Smoothening

After the purchase is made, please visit the image guidelines section for information on how to send your photos for submission.