Preliminary Aesthetics Report


The report uses a qualitative analysis that considers the whole face holistically and provides a rough overview instead of going into greater detail, unlike the Tertiary and Comprehensive reports. It points out the good and bad in each feature and provides overall recommendations on what to focus on and how to improve them.

The final 10 page report includes:

Cephalometric Variability

This considers how your measured cephalometric values (facial measurements) compare to people of your race or ethnicity to find large deviances. This report tier takes a total of 24 measurements of the front and sides of the face.

Side Profile Morph

Using the measured cephalometric values, a morph is produced in Adobe Photoshop to illustrate what a ‘corrected’ version of your face could look like following the established scientific averages. The most deviant values and their significance are explained in detail.

Qualitative Assessment

The entirety of the face is assessed as one holistic unit rather than providing a breakdown part by part as the other reports do. For the front facial view, transverse symmetry, cheekbone prominence, nose projection, eye & periocular alignment and other surface level cosmetic flaws are evaluated with a few proportion tests. The report format is not rigid and may include other aspects of the face we deem necessary or the client has expressed concerns about.

Final Recommendations

The most important part of the report, this section includes detailed advice on how you can achieve your aesthetic goals with experienced evaluations on the cost-benefit of potential surgical and non-surgical solutions.

* Report size and content may vary but the general scope will remain the same.
* Be advised you must be 18 or over to commission a report
* Turn around times may take up to 14 business days depending on demand

Notice: Due to the current COVID 19 situation and increased demand, turn around times are being pushed back by up to 3 weeks. We will always keep you in the loop, however, please keep this in mind before ordering.

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