QOVES Facial Aesthetics Report

Wondering what your best features are?

The aesthetics report takes indepth measurements of different facial features and lets you discover how you stack up against scientifically measured standards.

The full report also provides recommendations based on research findings on how you can improve certain aspects of your appearance both surgically and non surgically.

Learn more about yourself

Whether you’re seriously considering surgery or wish to seek advice to improve your appeal non-surgically, the Aesthetics report is the perfect collection of scientific sources and expert advice to become better educated on facial harmony beforehand.

  • Cephalometric Averageness
    • How your features compare to research averages
  • Facial Proportions
    • Establishing the harmony between features
  • Dentofacial Assessment
    • Lip, mouth, teeth and smile aesthetic
  • Frontal Profile Assessment
    • Eye, midface and jaw proportion
  • Side Profile Assessment
    • Lower, underjaw, eye and ear proportion
  • Side Profile Morph
    • A complimentary side profile morph to indicate how changes may look
Facial Aesthetics Report

Expert Advice Made Accessible

Learn without the baggage of technical terminology with simplified explanations and detailed sources. The Aesthetics report is written to be as clear and concise as possible while keeping the end user in mind. All sources are cited for fact checking and further reading.

The reports are written by our expert consultants and aesthetic doctors (meet them here) who have standardized the format of giving aesthetic evaluations to cover everything of importance from top-down.┬áIf you require further clarifications or seek extra advice, we’ll put you in touch with our team of doctors at no extra cost.

Ethnicity Specific Advice

Regardless of where you come from, our report uses data from multiple anthropometric research papers to develop average values for each ethnicity. Measured data is then compared against ‘conventionally attractive’ rated features for each race, taking into account different cultural and biological beauty standards.

Combined, our consultant doctors and dentists have practiced all over the world, covering a diverse range of patients and ethnicities. We select specialists for our team based on their published research, some of whom have helped in creating the very scientific datasets used in this report.

Facial Aesthetics Report Facial Aesthetics Report

Facial Report FAQ

To get more insight into how the report works, we’ve created a short video to help give you some pointers.

  • How to order
  • Image guidelines
  • Privacy policy
  • Differences between each tier
  • Report assumptions used

Download A Sample Report

If you still have questions about what is included in your tier of the report, download the sample and take a read. Sensitive information and images have been redacted or changed to protect privacy. The images used in this report are not linked with the recommendations given inside (as they have been changed) and are simply for display and illustration purposes.

Preliminary Report

A quick, qualitative assessment to identify problem areas for those under a budget or simply curious.

$75 USD

Entry Level

Tertiary Report

A moderately in-depth report using various numerical tests, consultant experience and anthropological datasets to assess the face. Designed to provide a balance between cost and value for the average customer.

$150 USD

Most Popular

Comprehensive Report

Our most extensive report for those considering surgery to get educated on their potential options. Utilizes technical language, more proportion tests and research data to get the most accurate evaluation possible.

$250 USD

Best Value